Hi. I am Auke, a graphic designer from Rotterdam.
If you’d like to get in touch send an email to hello[at]auketriesschijn[dot]nl 
or give me a call at 06 42023134. Here’s my work:

29 November 2019

Motion graphics / video direction / video edit

Het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan en ik maakte er een video bij. Ik ben trots op Dhr. Lotterman en wil iedereen, overal, altijd bedanken.



24 November 2019

Title design and flyer for ‘River of time’ the new film by Felix van Cleeff.

River of Time

21 november 2019

Gratis Yoga will be out soon. I am very pleased with how this project turned and can’t wait to show you more…

coming soon graphic design Auke Triesschijn

Gratis Yoga

November 8, 2019

KEES’ new single ‘Dans voor mij’ is available everywhere as of today.
Have a >> listen <<

Dans voor mij (single)

November 1

The beanies are here!
Check out this wonderful piece of merchandise I created for my favorite clients: Marieke and Renee a.k.a. ‘De Verdienmodellen’ (The Business Models).

Lekker Belangrijk

February – November, 2019
In collaboration with Niels Vrijdag I developed a visual identity for LYRICAL, a hip hop event near Rotterdam.

A2/A3 posters
Art Direction / Graphic Design

LYRICAL Hip Hop Poster
LYRICAL Hip Hop Poster
LYRICAL Hip Hop Poster
LYRICAL Hip Hop Poster


Residency at Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
5 – 10 October, 2019

As part of the Dutch Media Week, the Institute for Sound and Vision (Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) in Hilversum invited me to come and work at their place to explore the re-use of their archived footage. During 5 days myself, Iris Frankhuizen and Lotte Akse (video artist) where asked to explore the collection the institute has to offer and to make new work based upon what we found.

Since I’ve become increasingly interested in collage I thought it’d be interesting to dive in a start making collages based on whatever I find. No specific theme, no boundaries or story to be told. All work and all play.

Here are some examples of what I made during the week:

5 days of collage

September 2019

After the success of the first edition float is back!
I was asked again to make some posters and to design part of the social media campaign.

Art Direction / Design / Print + Online

float 2 A2 poster design
float 2 A2 poster design


float 2

September 20, 2019

Today marks the release of ‘Human Traits’, the debut album by saxophone player Kika Sprangers.

Art direction / Graphic Design
Photography by Karen van Gilst

Kika Sprangers - Human Traits vinyl

Kika and photographer Karen asked me to translate a series of photographs to an the album cover for vinyl and CD release. In the process I designed a logo and visual identity for Kika’s ‘large ensemble’.

The vinyl comes in a custom sleeve containing an A5 booklet with 8 portrait photos and transparent vinyl.

Kika Sprangers - Human Traits (booklet)

Kika Sprangers vinyl labels

Kika Sprangers – Human Traits

September 10, 2019

Posters for a DJ Workshop featuring Rotterdam legend DJ Okkie, MC Brainpower and Giorgi Kuiper of De Likt. Size: A2.


Spin Doctors

May 3, 2019

Tommy Got Waxed, the fantastic collaborative effort of Tommy Moustache (Dutch jazz quartet) versus Sheep Got Waxed (jazz trio from Vilnius, Lithuania) is out today on Challenge Records.

Have a listen > song.link/nl/i/1458839954



Tommy Got Waxed

April 2, 2019

A new visual identity for Proef.

Check out their work at getproef.com
Art direction / Graphic design / Animation / Web development


What does Proef do? Well, that’s a though one to answer.

To emphasize the always changing methods, techniques and people involved in Proef the visual identity doesn’t stand still. It is constantly moving, shifting and changing form. Even the slogan does not have one beginning, or one end.

Proef visual identity graphic design Auke Triesschijn

Proef visual identity graphic design Auke Triesschijn


March 30, 2019

Single artwork for KEES’ new single ‘Lekker Fietsen’.
More work for KEES coming soon…

KEES Lekker Fietsen grafisch ontwerp album cover Auke Triesschijn


February 28, 2019

Concert brochure for ‘Moons of Uranus’ the space odyssey undertaken by the Benoît Martiny Band and the Grand Cosmic Journey. For this concert bandleader Benoît extended the original 5-piece band to a 10 piece ensemble.

Programme booklet, released on the night of the concert, A5, 24 pages.
Art direction / Graphic design / Collage / Logo design.


Moons of Uranus

February 22, 2019

Today marks the release of ‘Vuist boven de grond’ by Rotterdam based singer-songwriter Bart Hoevenaars.

The album is a collection of 10 poems by Leo Vroman that Bart turned into songs.

Vuist boven de grond

February 21, 2019

Graphic design and development for landscape architect/designer/artist Marieke Vromans.

Marieke creates site-specific installations and artworks. Her work aims to open up the public space, break the daily routine of our mostly functional modern cities and create public artworks that make you look again. She calls this stedelijke acupunctuur (urban acupuncture). www.mariekevromans.nl

Marieke Vromans website
Marieke_Home-DesktopMobile-01Marieke Vromans website
Marieke Vromans website
Marieke Vromans website
Marieke Vromans website
Marieke Vromans website

Marieke Vromans

December 7, 2018
Video direction / Editing / Motion graphics

My very first music video ever for Marinka Stam (a.k.a. Kalulu). Based on VHS footage from the Stam Family, mixed with video material taken from openbeelden.nl and the visual archive I used for creating the design for the Coats EP. Check it out:

Kalulu – Grown video

December 1, 2018
Art direction / Graphic design / Logo design

Visual identity for a pool party in Zwembad de Kulk, featuring Tom Trago amongst others (full line-up will be revealed soon..).

graphic design Auke Triesschijn typography logo design

graphic design Auke Triesschijn typography


November 9, 2018
Art direction / Graphic design / Collage

Coats EP by Marinka Stam a.k.a. Kalulu. Out now.

Kalulu Coats EP graphic design collage Auke Triesschijn

As wel as designing a cover for the EP I designed 5 separate covers for each track.
Some of these were also animated, so they could be used as teasers for the tracks. Have a look: Heartburning teaser.

Kalulu - Coats EP - Kingdom
Kalulu - Coats EP - Coats
Kalulu - Coats EP - Push on
Kalulu - Coats EP - Heartburning
Kalulu - Coats EP - Grown
Loading image... Loading image... Loading image... Loading image... Loading image...

Kalulu – Coats EP

October 17, 2018

Merchandise for the album release of ‘Classic’ the new album by The Dawn Brothers.

Dawn Brothers Tote Bag mockup (juni 2019)
Dawn Brothers T-shirt design
Dawn Brothers T-shirt mockup 2 (juni 2019)

Dawn Brothers

October 1, 2018
Art direction / Graphic design

12″ record cover for Jorn ten Hoopen’s solo debut album I Still Think Of You.
Picture shot by Mark Lotterman in one of the abandoned rooms in which the album was recorded. Graphic design, art direction and typography by me.

graphic design Auke Triesschijn Jorn ten Hoopen

graphic design Auke Triesschijn Jorn ten Hoopen

graphic design Auke Triesschijn Jorn ten Hoopen

Jorn ten Hoopen – I Still Think Of You

July 23, 2018
Logo design

Visual identity for Kat Skills, a collaboration between singer/songwriter Delouise and producer Ingmar Spaan. Based on Wies Peeters’ (Delouise) love for 80s movie titles I designed this logo based on film studio logos from the heyday of VHS tapes.

Kat Skills logo VHS graphic design by Auke Triesschijn

Kat Skills logo

21 February, 2018
Graphic design / Collage

New project I’m working on for Marinka Stam. Can’t say too much about it yet, other than that I am pretty excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you all!

Kalulu press shot design by Auke Triesschijn

New project: coming 2018

Featured project (October 13, 2017)
Art direction / Graphic design / Development of the Holland project

Two years in the making, this book concludes the Holland project by Mark Lotterman and myself.

22 x 28 cm, off set, full colour, 272 pages, edition of 971
Print production by Veenman

Holland book Mark Lotterman (front
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 85/85)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 92/93)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 120/121)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 140/141)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 158/159)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 176/177)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 234/235)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (page 254/255)
Holland book Mark Lotterman (back)

About Holland
Two years ago Mark Lotterman recorded his 5th album ‘Holland’.

Inspired by the heartfelt themes of his lyrics and power of the songs on this record we decided to release this one in a different way. On January 2016 we published the website albumholland.com.
We asked artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, writers and scientists to pick one of the songs off the album and react to it. Over a 120 people did. Everything that has been made has been archived on the website and now in the form of this 272 page book, containing a CD with the full album.

To order a copy of ‘Holland’ click here.

Mark Lotterman: Holland book

Monday, 19 February 2018
Poster design

Poster for a show by Dr Lektroluv, promoting his new album ‘Elektrik World’.
A2/A0 size


Dr. Lektroluv: Elektrik World

January 14, 2018
Logo design / Motion graphics

Planet N’Goni is a website by Michiel Moerkerk. On this website Michiel teaches the Kamale N’Goni – a string instrument originating in West Africa – through an online course.

(above) intro leader for the online lessons

Planet N'Goni logo by Auke Triesschijn

Planet N’Goni

October 13, 2017
Art direction / Graphic design

Vinyl version of the album ‘Holland’ by singer-songwriter Mark Lotterman. Order your copy here.

Holland vinyl Mark Lotterman
Holland vinyl Mark Lotterman

Photos: Roel van Tour (front) | Willem de Kam (back)

Mark Lotterman: Holland vinyl

October 1, 2017

Papa Goni makes music inspired by the immensely rich West African culture.
The design is based on traditional ‘shwe shwe’ patterns. The front cover design was later translated to a 3-colour screen printed T-shirt.

Papa Goni In Bloom front
Papa Goni In Bloom inside
Papa Goni In Bloom CD
Papa Goni T-shirt

Papa Goni

September 1, 2017
Visual identity / Graphic design / Collage

3 posters for The GenderBendingQueerParty, hosted by the wonderful Manon la Décadence.

GenderBendingQueerParty Part VII

GBQP Posters

August 1, 2017
Art direction / Graphic design

Art direction and graphic design for the album AVA by Dutch composer Felix van Cleeff.

Felix van Cleeff AVA Booklet

Felix van Cleeff: AVA

April 22, 2017

Out today! To celebrate Record Store Day Mark Lotterman and Harry Merry decided to put out this split 7″ single. They commissioned me to do the artwork for both sides.

Photography: Willem de Kam (Mark’s side) / Daniël Baggerman (Harry’s side).


Happy / Been Through Friday 7″

April 10, 2017

EGO by Tommy Moustache is out now.

Together with the band I developed a concept around the album title ‘EGO’ which was all about branding. Within the designs for this album the point was to create this feeling of a ‘super-brand’. Like Nike has its slogan ‘Just Do It’, Tommys punchline is ‘Be Like Us’. And let’s be honest: don’t you want to be…?

band photos by Govert Driessen.

EGO by Tommy Moustache digipack
EGO by Tommy Moustache digipack (back)
EGO by Tommy Moustache digipack (inside)
EGO by Tommy Moustache digipack (inside)

To see how far we could take the concept of branding we started ordering all the merch we could think of, to the point it felt almost sickening. We wanted the crowd to scratch their heads and go: “Are these guys for real…?”. I think we’ve proven we are. I think more people should be like us.

EGO by Tommy Moustache T-shirt
EGO by Tommy Moustache T-shirt
EGO by Tommy Moustache T-shirt
EGO by Tommy Moustache T-shirt
EGO by Tommy Moustache thong
EGO by Tommy Moustache boxershort


EGO by Tommy Moustache  design Auke Triesschijn

EGO by Tommy Moustache

March 12, 2017

Today Lenya will release her debut album ‘The Hatch’ on vinyl. For the innersleeve I made this illustration:


Lenya – The Hatch

December 28, 2016

After the succes of the first edition of GLOW in October 2016, the people behind this recurring live hip-hop event asked me to create a visual identity for them.

GLOW Kroepoekfabriek Auke Triesschijn


November 25, 2016

For Tamara Woestenburg’s new record ‘The Colony’ I made an album cover based on Tamara’s thoughts on New York. I also made a website based on the album cover design.

Tamara Woestenburg - The Colony (front)
Tamara Woestenburg - The Colony (back)
Tamara Woestenburg The Colony Label Side A
Tamara Woestenburg - The Colony label Side B

The Colony

October 10, 2016

Hollandse Kost is an annual music festival started by the people of Rotown, Rotterdam. The program consists of Dutch and Belgian alternative music groups with one thing in common: they sing in Dutch.

The images on the posters combine objects with a strong link to the alternative music scene with typical Dutch things, such as ice skating, Gouda cheese or ‘stroopwafels‘.

This year the festival also took place in Eindhoven in collaboration with local music venue De Effenaar.

Hollandse Kost Rotterdam (A2 Poster)
Hollandse Kost Effenaar (A2 Poster)
Hollandse Kost Rotterdam (A2 Poster)

Hollandse Kost

September 23, 2016

Title design for the documentary ‘Disco Sausage’ about Johnny Dowd.

Johnny Dowd Disco Sausage title design by Auke Triesschijn

Disco Sausage Johnny Dowd graphics Auke Triesschijn

Watch the full documentary here:

Disco Sausage

July 8, 2016

Series of posters for the GenderBendingQueerParty in WORM, Rotterdam hosted by Manon la Décadence.

Part IV – DecaDANCE.

GenderBendingQueerParty Studio Auke Triesschijn


GenderBendingQueerParty Auke Triesschijn graphic design

GenderBending QueerParty

June 11, 2016

A2/A3 poster design for the OH SO 90s parties, based on everything we love about The Nineties.

OH SO 90s Poster design by Auke Triesschijn

OH SO 90s

May 1, 2016

In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading to the Isle of Wight for the first big Holland exhibition at Quay Arts. Featuring work by Inge Aanstoot, Johan Kleinjan, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Maurik Stomps, Roel van Tour, Gees Voorhees and many others.

Holland exhibition Mark Lotterman Isle of Wight Auke Triesschijn

Holland exhibition, Isle of Wight UK

January 31, 2016

Currently working on an exciting project with Mark Lotterman, Fred Willems and a ton of other people.
Have a look at albumholland.com.

Development: Bas Kloosterman | photography: Roel van Tour

Holland website
Holland website
Holland website
Holland website
Holland website


January 10, 2016

Visual identity for De Kroepoekfabriek, a venue in Vlaardingen that has been programming music of all sorts for almost 5 years now. Because they had their anniversary coming up they decided to ask me to give their old identity a much needed make-over.


Kroepoekfabriek TokoLoko Nieuwe Vangst logos Auke Triesschijn

Kroepoekfabriek flyer Auke Triesschijn

Kroepoekfabriek flyer Auke Triesschijn


December 6, 2015

Album artwork for ‘Inspiring Bach’, a CD featuring works by J.S. Bach, C.Dieupart and G.P. Telemann.

Graphic design by Studio Auke Triesschijn

Graphic design by Studio Auke Triesschijn

Graphic design by Studio Auke Triesschijn

Inspiring Bach

November 2, 2015

Strand – Maleza (LOW0019) is out today.

After designing a record sleeve for FilosofischeStilte earlier this year, Hans Beekmans (head of Lowriders Recordings) asked me to take care of the design for their new release as well. The image on the front cover is a still taken from this video by Salvador Llanes.

Strand Maleza graphic design by Auke Triesschijn

Strand Maleza graphic design by Auke Triesschijn

graphic design by Auke Triesschijn

Strand – Maleza (LOW0019)

September 20, 2015

De Dood. Punk rock from Schiedam (NL). 14 songs in a little less than 30 minutes.
Have a listen and get the cd over here for only €6.66

De Dood album cover Studio Auke Triesschijn

De Dood album cover Studio Auke Triesschijn

De Dood CD design Studio Auke Triesschijn

De Dood album cover Studio Auke Triesschijn

De Dood – De Titelloze Eerste

June 5, 2015

Gees Voorhees asked me to help her out with the typography for FilosofischeStilte’s new album Munch Palace. In close consultation with Gees I developed a font based on neon signs to go with her illustration of a night shop in the West of Rotterdam.

Typography: Auke Triesschijn

Typography: Auke Triesschijn

FilosofischeStilte – Munch Palace Vol. 2

April 18, 2015

To celebrate Record Store Day, Mark Lotterman and Johnny Dowd will release a 7inch record today. Studio Auke Triesschijn made 2 illustrations for this split release.

Johnny Dowd - 1953 (illustration and design by Studio Auke Triesschijn)

Mark Lotterman - Time Goes By (so slowly) (illustration and design by Studio Auke Triesschijn)

1953 / Time Goes By (so slowly)

February 16, 2015

Artwork for Munch Palace Vol. 1 by Dutch beatmaker FilosofischeStilte.
Illustration by Gees Voorhees / Typography by Studio Auke Triesschijn. Stay tuned for Volume 2, coming later this year…

FilosofischeStilte - Munch Palace Vol. 1 (design: Studio Auke Triesschijn)

FilosofischeStilte – Munch Palace Vol. 1

January 29, 2015

‘This Part Of Me’ is the first solo album by David and the Circumstances. Apart from designing the album cover I designed and built a website to go with it.

David and the Circumstances - This Part Of Me

David and the Circumstances

November 10, 2014

Tommy Moustache is a schizophrenic, explosive zappjazz-quartet from Rotterdam.
But who is this mysterious figure the band based it’s name on? It is said that Tommy Moustache was there during the great fire of London in 1666. He also had a hand in Franz Reichelt’s flight/fall from the Eiffel tower. These are just some of the stories surrounding Moustache. Man or myth? Who knows.. Who cares. He inspired some awesome jazz musicians to record a fantastic album.

Tommy Moustache design Studio Auke Triesschijn

Tommy Moustache design Studio Auke Triesschijn

Tommy Moustache design Studio Auke Triesschijn

Tommy Moustache design Studio Auke Triesschijn

Tommy Moustache

November 1, 2014

Design proposal for the vinyl version of Mark Lotterman’s “YEAR without SUMMER”. Currently the album is not available on vinyl. It might be. Some day. Who knows..

Mark Lotterman - Year Without Summer (front)

Mark Lotterman - Year Without Summer (back)

Mark Lotterman: Year Without Summer (vinyl)

October 10, 2014

Visual concept for the album ‘nothingisanything’ by Noblesse.
Release date: October 25.

Noblesse - nothingisanything




Noblesse: nothingisanything

April 18, 2014

Happy Record Store Day!
Head over to your local record dealer and get Mark Lotterman’s brand new 7 inch single CRAP featuring Jim White. Graphic design by Studio Auke Triesschijn.

Mark Lotterman CRAP 7 inch cover

Mark Lotterman CRAP 7 inch labels

Mark Lotterman (ft Jim White) – CRAP

April 18, 2014

TO THE WOODS – a lecture-performance about the Wildeman (A2 poster)
photography: Pim Top / Typography: Studio Auke Triesschijn

graphic design: Studio Auke Triesschijn

To The Woods

April 2, 2014

Berenschot’s new app ‘Wegwijzer Lokaal Bestuur’ (Compass for Local Governing). Released at the end of March, coinciding with the Dutch municipal elections.

Berenschot Wegwijzer Lokaal Bestuur

Berenschot Wegwijzer Lokaal Bestuur

The app (developed for smartphone and tablet) functions as a digital handbook for people working in the field of local governing. Studio Auke Triesschijn did the graphic design, while Johan Baaij worked out all the technical details. In close cooperation with Berenschot we developed a clean and simple structure and interface for the app.

Berenschot Wegwijzer Lokaal Bestuur

Download for iOS: click! or Android: click!

Berenschot: Wegwijzer Lokaal Bestuur

January 12, 2014

Second album by Sir Ian (Bart Hoevenaars), simply titled Sir Ian II.
The illustration for the cover was made by the amazing Gees Voorhees
The album will be released January 18.

Sir Ian II Front
Sir Ian II Back
Sir Ian II CD

Sir Ian II Digipack inside 1

Sir Ian II graphic design Auke Triesschijn illustration Gees Voorhees

Sir Ian II


September 27, 2013
Rotterdam filmmakers ‘Wat Loop Je Nou Te Kijken” (What Are You Looking At?) asked me to design a logo for their company.
They are a bunch of really nice guys (+ 1 girl) who make beautiful short films and music video’s like this one, or this one over here. Check out their facebook page as well over here

Wat Loop Je Nou Te Kijken


September 21, 2013
Visual identity for project ‘Hunnie’ by Dutch designers Sophier Krier and Henriëtte Waal.

Website + a couple of posters, flyers, hand-outs and books about the project. For a small selection of the work I did for them check out the pictures below.
For more information on the project, check the website.


Flyers for the events ‘Hunnie Jagen’ (Hunnie Hunting) and ‘Hunnie Wilgen Vlechten’ (A5)


Poster for the opening of the Hunnie Veldwerkplek (A0) – foto: Roel van Tour


Flyer for the symposium ‘Polder Zoekt Liefhebber’ (A5)


Screen Shot felixvancleeff.com

20 Sept ’13 As of today, Felix van Cleeff’s new website is online at www.felixvancleef.com.
Felix is a singer-songwriter and film director from Rotterdam.
Studio Auke Triesschijn designed and built a website for Felix where he can showcase both his talents. Check it out..

Felix van Cleeff Film/Music


March 2013
Visual identity for the Internationale Luitdagen 2013 festival. A 3-day festival that revolves around the lute, with concerts and lectures. The identity is based on the characteristic shape of the lute. I was asked to create an identity and build a website for the festival. Check out the website here.

Internationale Luitdagen 2013


February 2013
Ineke van Tol en Hinke Vos asked me to design a new visual identity for their company Vos & van Tol. I designed a new logo for them and made a website and business cards. Check out the website at vosvantol.nl

Organisatiebureau Vos & van Tol


January 2013
Thijs van Milligen is a saxophone player and bandleader of the band Mdungu.
In 2012 he asked me to design a flyer for his Afrobeat Workshop. At the end of 2012 he also asked me to design a website for him where he could showcase everything he does: his bands, his teaching and his workshops. The design is based on so-called ‘fingering charts’ for saxophone that explain how certain notes are to be played. Check out the website here.

Thijs van Milligen: Website


November 2012
A thousand handmade books for Dutch singer-songwriter Mark Lotterman.
For Mark’s third album “funny.” Studio Auke Triesschijn designed a 32 page booklet, containing all the lyrics and some pictures.
The booklet comes in a silk-screened hardcover, each book handmade.

There is also a vinyl edition:


and for the album release we screenpinted some limited edition tote bags:

Mark Lotterman: funny.

September – December 2012
Since the start of september I have been working on a website for a project called “t.z.t.”
I designed the identity for the project and made a website together with Johan Baaij.
To see what this project is about, visit the website….

Tent t.z.t.

September 22, 2012
For the album release of Up Closer Studio Auke Triesschijn made a poster.
We printed the first run on regular white paper and spread them across town.

On the night of the release we sold some limited edition screenprints on chromolux paper.

Stöma Screenprints


Album cover for Up Closer by Stöma
illustration by Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva

Stöma: Up Closer

David Groeneweg of The Circumstances asked me to design the cover of the EP Firing Neurons. The illustrations were made by Evelyn Jansen. Besides designing the CD and posters for the album release I also made a website for the band.

The Circumstances: Firing Neurons EP

July 2012
A flyer I made for Thijs van Milligen, alto sax player and founder of the band Mdungu.

Afrobeat Workshop

April 2012
A full-colour poster (A2) I made for a double bill concert of this epic duo.

Lotterman & Woestenburg: Meet & Greet



February 2012
Flyer and A2 poster I made for tour of Martin Fondse’s new piece ‘Testimoni’.

Martin Fondse: Testimoni

November 2011
2 movie posters I made this year for Dutch independent filmmaker Felix van Cleeff.
The posters were used as promotion for the premiere of both movies and served as covers for a small run of DVD’s. ‘De Vreemdeling’ premiered in January 2011, ‘Het Violette Uur’ in November 2011.

Felix van Cleeff: Het Violette Uur / De Vreemdeling

July 2012
Series of silkscreened posters for Mark Lotterman, promoting his first show with his new band in Exit, Rotterdam. 50 x 65 cm, silkscreen on chromolux paper.

Mark Lotterman

August 2010
Visual identity for Tamara Woestenburg, singer-songwriter from Rotterdam.
Tamara writes all of her songs alone, but the way she performs them is different each time. Sometimes as a solo artist, sometimes with a full band or with a brass section.
She described this way of working to me as ‘trying to create a kaleidoscope of sounds’. Check out Tamara’s website here

Tamara Woestenburg